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Freezone Consulting - Business Setup Specialist in Dubai

If you're planning business setup in Dubai, you are taking an important step towards wealth. Dubai offers opportunities for various business people to reap the benefits of its economy. The main good thing about doing business in Dubai is the free tax that all businesses enjoy. However, if you are interested in company set up in Dubai, there exists help available to do that, especially if you do not know much about setting up a small business in Dubai. In such a piece, we will observe various way of setting up business in Dubai and where you might get help.
Mainlad Company: Company creation in Dubai may start in the Mainlad. When you wish to set up an organization here, you will be required to register with DED (Dubai Team of Economic Development) if your goal is to do local business, that's where to begin. You will also be required to meet some requirements such as creating a UAE citizen as local sponsor. This sponsor will need to have at least 51% stocks in your permit. It could be an area agent, who does not have any shares, but he is behaving as your connect to the local market.
Free Areas: It is glaring that the over 20 free areas in Dubai will be the most attractive part of business create in Dubai. Free zones in Dubai are good for many who want to export goods to other countries or who want to produce their own products and sell abroad. The free areas give great opportunities for marketing also, IT consultancies, film making, and so forth.
Offshore Company: If the company set up in Dubai involves global operation therefore you want a UAE listed company and a bank-account to use with, you might consider offshore company set up. However, you are not permitted to have an office in UAE with offshore company set up. The thing you will have is a company registered address of the agent you have chosen. In addition, you do not have the chance of applying for residency visa with this type of company formation in Dubai.
The above will be the 3 ways to set up an enterprise in Dubai. Since UAE is a tax free country, you have opportunity of earning the most of your business you start with Freezone companies, which is recognized as the best on the list of 3 business setups. You may also take advantage of free zones in Dubai or just offshore if you are establishing a global business.
However, business setup in Dubai is simple if you use Freezone Consulting service to help you with an increase of information about establishing an enterprise in Dubai.

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